The Time Attendance Program: Past and Present

The modern attendance clocks have been developed to ensure accuracy as well as efficiency in terms of accounting the employees’ work hours as it can effectively interpret hours worked and apply the rules to determine their pay.


The Employee Time Attendance Program in the Past


The young generation will probably never experience how employees have used the bundy clocks to punch time in and out because the new time and attendance program have been created to ensure that it is easy and fast for them to be logged into and out of the system.


In the past, employees have punch cards that are placed beside the bundy clock. They are arranged in order according to the employee’s number so that it is easy for them to take it out from the rack. As long as one’s card has been punched, it means he is in the company premises and at work. However, there are times that someone else might do it for him so there is no way to determine authenticity with the traditional time attendance program.


The human resources personnel take the punch cards and use them to compute the number of hours per employee. They use spreadsheets that may even be very wide and long if there are lots of additions and deductions from the pay. They count the number of hours for each employee and do the calculations from there. We can imagine how time-consuming t he process is and it is difficult to check and balance.


The Modern Employee Attendance System


The present day’s employee time attendance is sophisticated and computerized. It ensures the employee’s authenticity with its finger scanning technology and related features. The latest time attendance program is an automated engine that can easily and quickly count the number of hours work, categorize and interpret them as well as quickly compute their rate and get the total pay and the net pay in a very short amount of time.


The new system has taken a lot of workload from the human resources personnel and its efficiency has been proven beyond measure. As long as they have properly inputted the important details and rules as well as encoded the right amount of deductions, the time attendance program can efficiently provide the pay slips, payroll files, and employee reports in real-time.


The implementation of an effective time attendance system provides an impact on the employees regardless of the level they belong in the organization. Project managers defining the project objectives and a company providing innovative technology for accurate and fast payroll system can encourage more engagement from their employees and project team members.





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